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  Title: The Suffolk Committees for Scandalous Ministers

Author: edited by Clive Holmes

Date published: 1970

Status: in print

Price: GBP 25.00

What is it? transcripts from the trials of theologically liberal ministers during the English Civil War.

What's it like? He is a common drunkerd and Alice Hasell testifieth that he once cominge to baptise a child was soe distempered with drinke that he could not hold the child or give a right pronunciation of the words concerning bapitsme, the company then being forced to send for him from the alehouse at Halsworth. And Susan Ellis testifieth that upon the fast day, being the 27th March last, he wholly neglected his cure and came that night from an alehouse at Halsworth to the house of one John Feveryeare of Holton so drunken that she being then servant there dared not abide in the house with him, he swering there commonly in his talke. (Evidence against Richard Key, Rector of Sotherton)

What's good about it? By turns outrageously funny and absolutely terrifying, the trials against these poor men were a combination of malicious gossip and stern puritan theology. It is a much lighter read than you'd think, and a good companion to Dowsing, who was around at the same time.

What's bad about it? It is expensive.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

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