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  Title: Suffolk and Norfolk

Author: MR James

Date published: 1930

Status: out of print, but easily available

What is it? It is, to quote, a perambulation of the two counties with notices of their history and ancient buildings, by the author of Ghost Stories of an Antiquary.

What's it like? Of the many modern attractions of Lowestoft I need not speak. The name means Hlothuwig's toft, and tells of a dim Ludwig or Louis. The old church, remote from the town, is large and dignified. It contains a good brass eagle, a font with pairs of figures on the bowl, much broken, and the matrix of a good old man, Thomas Scrope, a carmelite, Bishop of Dromore in Ireland - he wrote books about his Order, led a very ascetic life, and died at the age of 100.

What's good about it? James is contemporary with Mee and Tennyson, but his book is the work of an academic historian, so there is much more knowledge and precision.

What's bad about it? James is not a particularly sympathetic companion, and in any case he only visits about a third of Suffolk parishes.

Overall rating: 3/5

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