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  Title: Cycling Through Suffolk

Author: Don Mathew

Date published: 2002

Status: in print

Price: GBP 4.75

What is it? A journey around the county by renowned Suffolk cycling campaigner Don Mathew, visiting lots of churches and pubs.

What's it like? Stopping to admire the common at All Saint's South Elmham, a very odd thing happened. A young rabbit, 3-4 days old, ran out and lay by my front wheel. He crouched flat to shelter from the wind and half entwined himself in my spokes. He seemed oblivious to my own human existence, towering over him. After a while I gently removed him and pressed on through the winding village of St James. It was sunny and pleasant, and I ventured part of the chorus of Aida on the other side.

What's good about it? An entertaining and companiable journey through familiar byways. He captures the football summer of 1996 precisely, an England on the eve of the end of eighteen years of Tory government and the death of Princess Diana.

What's bad about it? You couldn't really use it as a guidebook.

Overall rating: 4/5

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