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  Title: The Popular Guide to Suffolk Churches 1 - West Suffolk

Author: DP Mortlock

Date published: 1988

Status: in print

Price: GBP 12.50

What is it? Part of a three volume architectural guide to every single Anglican church in Suffolk.

What's it like? This is a small church of outstanding interest, beautifully maintained. Nave and chancel lie under reed thatch which was renewed in the 1970s and the pyramid cap of the little tower is thatched too - a happy conjunction. The tower dates from the 1480s and was probably based on the design at Thorpe Abbots in Norfolk. The masons were Richard Cutting and John Mason and although they were sued for defective work it has lasted well enough.

What's good about it? One of three volumes, all of which are absolutely indispensible for the Suffolk church visitor. No other books go into quite so much detail, or are so easy to use. Substantial 500-1000 word entries for every Anglican parish church in Suffolk, including modern ones, and also for redundant churches which are still in occasional use. In addition, there is an excellent glossary. With these books, one is able to make an in-depth reading of nearly every Suffolk parish church. Makes Pevsner redundant as far as churches go.

What's bad about it? The downside is that it doesn't list redundant churches not in use, or Catholic churches. But this is a minor quibble.

Overall rating: 5/5

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