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  Title: The Buildings of England: Suffolk

Author: Nikolaus Pevsner, revised by Enid Radciffe.

Date published: 1959, revised 1974

Status: in print

Price: GBP 19.95

What is it? The Suffolk volume in Pevsner's Buildings of England series.

What's it like? ST ANDREW. An interesting building which is, moreover, aesthetically a pleasure. The present nave and chancel are an addition to a small Norman church. The (later) W tower of this became a SW tower. The Norman nave survives in essence. (Westhall)

What's good about it? A handy volume, very good if your interest is architectural rather than historical or liturgical. It is the only major guide which lists non-Anglican churches, and it is always good to have a guide to other, non-ecclesiastical buildings in the area.

What's bad about it? Revised in 1974, but essentially little different from the 1959 original, apart from the addition of sixties buildings and the removal of some major buildings destroyed in that decade. For instance, it still lists the tower of the church at Linstead Magna, even though it was demolished in 1964. The more recent revisions of other counties contain most 19th century churches, but this one doesn't. The volume has recently been reduced in price, but is still expensive.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

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