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  Title: English Country Churches

Author: Derry Brabbs

Date published: 1985

Status: in print

price GBP 7.99

What is it? A book of photographs of churches, with descriptions, organised by theme.

What's it like? The 'wool' churches of the Cotswolds are particularly sumptuous. Gradual clearance of the forests provided great sheep runs and men were more than willing to spend their new-found wealth on such lavishly constructed churches as Northleach and Fairford, both in Gloucestershire. Further southwest in Somerset is a remarkable collection of church towers, mostly Perpendicular from the fifteenth century.

What's good about it? Nice photographs - the churches are shown at their best. Generally useful descriptions, and interesting historical anecdotes. Good value.

What's bad about it? All photographs are external shots, and small - this is not a coffee table book. Generally, the text is very basic; useful as a general introduction, less so as a reference source.

Overall rating: 3/5

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