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  Title: Church Furnishings: a NADFAS guide

Author: Patricia Dirsztay

Date published: 1978

Status: out of print

What is it? an exhaustive explanation of the terminology of church furnishings, arising originally out of the influential 1971 exhibition of church furnishings at the V&A.

What's it like? ALB: full length belted white tunic with narrow sleeves, possibly apparelled at neck and hem, or trimmed with a lace flounce in CofE, but inly embroidered in RC. A ROCHET is similar but shorter, either sleeveless or sleeves gathered at the wrist.

What's good about it? Everything you could ever possibly want to know about ecclesiastical artifacts, distilled into a handy 250 page book. Designed for use by church recorders who might not otherwise have sufficient understanding of what they are seeing.

What's bad about it? Still requires a certain amount of prior knowledge. First edition was so full of errors that an addendum was published as an eight page supplement!

Overall rating: 4/5

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