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  Title: The Parish Churches of Medieval England

Author: Colin Platt

Date published: 1981

Status: out of print

What is it? A history of the English parish church set against the social background of the English Middle Ages as a whole.

What's it like? Driven underground, clerical incontinence was no longer a scandal that could permanently damamge the standing of the priesthood as a whole. However, the quality of the parish clergy hinged on more than its celibacy and good intentions. If the parish priest were to take his stand against the bullying of his wealthy parishioners, he must be well-informed and literate as well.

What's good about it? An interesting and informative read. A good mix of evidence and anecdotes, drawing together all aspects of medieval church history.

What's bad about it? Don't expect exciting revelations. Also, the widely available remaindered 1995 edition is appallingly printed; some photographs are barely legible smudges.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

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