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St Augustine of Hippo, Ipswich

This is a large 1920's estate church on the south-eastern outskirts. Diocesan architect Munro Cautley observed the letter of Suffolk Perpendicular rather than the spirit. Consequently, the church looks rather dumpy in its concrete rendering. Grander than his St Andrew, it has none of the spirit of its age that you find at contemporary near neighbour All Hallows.

Mock-Perpendicular rises above mock-Tudor on the Bucklesham Road.

Still, this is a landmark building, and it is light and airy inside. It contains the bell from the now-vanished church of St Peter, Linstead Magna, which was derelicted the year before St Augustine was built. Supposedly, the font is from there, too. But it seems possible that the Linstead Magna font was moved to St Margaret, Linstead Parva, and St Augustine inherited the old font from Linstead Parva. A bit like one of those party games.

Cautley takes himself rather seriously in south-east Ipswich.

The church is chiefly notable for the large neon cross that crowns the tower, which can be seen from miles away at night. A similar cross at All Hallows is not illuminated, but the one at St Francis is. St Augustine has one of the largest congregations of any Anglican church in Suffolk.

St Augustine of Hippo, Felixstowe Road, Ipswich is open regularly. Bus number 6 from the town centre stops outside.