Affirming Catholicism movement. An alignment of liberal catholics within the Church of England. It is of interest to this site, because support for the movement may be reflected in the furnishings of a church, with icons and candles particularly in evidence.

Generally unsympathetic to the Anglo-catholic extremists of the Forward in Faith movement, who they now outnumber in Suffolk, the movement includes many women priests. People allied to the Affirming Catholicism movement generally take an intellectual approach to matters of doctrine, holding a liberal position on, for example, sexuality, Biblical interpretation, and the extension of salvation to non-Christians. They have become the conscience of the Church of England. There is a real sense in which they are the heirs to the Tractarian tradition, and their significance within the Anglican communion is likely to increase. Leading member of the movement, Bishop Holloway, formerly of Edinburgh, has often courted controversy.

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