Forward in Faith movement, flying bishops. A traditionalist group of Anglo-catholic churches, who reacted to the ordination of women Priests in 1992 with a kind of militant despondency. Many of them have now semi-detached themselves from their local Anglican diocese, and placed themselves under alternative episcopal care, the so-called flying bishops; these bishops have been appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to provide care for parishes unable in conscience to accept mainstream Anglican oversight. In practice, this means Forward in Faith parishes, and those which are members of the Reform movement. Suffolk's Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich has been an enthusiastic ordainer of women Priests, and has also resisted strongly allowing traditionalist Anglo-catholics positions of authority or influence.

It is hard to see their position as anything other than a temporary one. The mainstream Church of England is embarassed by them, and is unlikely to sustain their somewhat curious episcopal arrangements. The Catholic Church, not unreasonably, is wary of recognising them as anything other than individual Christians resisting full communion with their own Church, or being received into full communion with the worldwide Catholic church. This leaves them a bit beleagured, as you may imagine.

Suffolk Forward in Faith parishes include Ipswich St Bartholomew and Mendlesham. Their numbers are small but vociferous, especially in their opposition to the liberal Catholic movement Affirming Catholicism.

You can also visit the Forward in Faith website.