Reform movement. Evangelical grouping in the Church of England; they are protestant in the strictest sense of the word, seeing themselves as the heirs to the Reformation tradition. They base their beliefs in the nature of the church firmly upon the formulaics of Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer, and place a strict Biblical interpretation upon theological matters. Their opposition to women priests has pushed them into an unlikely alliance with the Forward in Faith movement. However, unlike that grouping of traditionalist Anglo-catholics, the Reform movement does not keep its collective head down; instead, it celebrates its opposition, confronting the Anglican establishment on matters such as financial contributions and episcopal authority. They have refused to accept episcopal oversight from bishops known to have liberal views on homosexuality, and in some cases have placed themselves under the episcopal care of the so-called flying bishops.

Reform movement churches in Suffolk include Ipswich St Andrew and Ipswich St John the Baptist.

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